RGP Healthcare

Brings innovative solutions to healthcare, with over 20 years of experience in developing best of breed software applications and consulting solutions. We created the nation’s only fully integrated, comprehensive hospital incident compliance management solution, Pavisse™, that assists clients with closed loop management of incidents for Patient Safety, HIPAA, Employee/Non-Employee, Security/Operations/Environment and also includes patient Complaint/Grievance incident capture.

Pavisse™ Incident Management Solution is a 1st to market application that includes everything clients want and need to maintain their incident compliance management programs:

  • Individual, role based, task driven navigation for accomplishing prioritized work, reducing time to report and follow-up on incidents
  • Active dashboards limited by individual permissions provide up to date visual feedback on what is happening within your area of responsibility
  • Standardized Incident reporting leverages automation by routing to the appropriate staff, creating efficiencies and value
  • Complete audit trail, at data level, of all activity within the application captures the original input, follow up, related attachments and all information changes along the way
  • Utilizes a unique process which  automates the workflow of incident management from end to end
  • Our real time subscription based audits allow you to automate and establish the timing of how often your audits run, and frees you to work on other tasks
  • Enables “real time” corrective action planning, including an automated root cause analysis component to fit your process of cause determination
  • Application captures, audits, and tracks reserves, improving financial executives’ ability to forecast potential organizational liability.
  • Built-in enterprise reporting, data mining, benchmarking, includes skip logic and comprehensive content to significantly reduce time and effort maintaining incident management programs, and reporting to outside entities
  • System aggregates data to provide dashboard views for incident types, creating real time tracking of incidents in an easily understood, visually standardized way
  • This first to market application is workflow driven and content rich where everything is included, we even provide  eight hours free consulting per quarter to ensure your success
  • Information icons throughout the application support users as they navigate Pavisse.