Pavisse Audits Audits

Pavisse™ Audits provide a method for monitoring processes to identify opportunities for improvement and for recognizing best practices. These audits allow you to assess internal processes to determine areas in need of revision as well as evaluate any procedures, assign staff to review various practices for variations, and keep all notes in one central location. You can also uncover erroneous activities, ascertain risks, rectify problems, reinforce and strengthen procedures as soon as issues are discovered, and check to make sure controls are in place and working as intended. Improve your organization’s efficiency and meet your objectives with Pavisse Audits.

Features and Benefits

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and access to best practices
  • Easily assign staff audits and house notes in a central location
  • Customize audits specific to the needs of your organization
  • Increase staff interactions and improvement opportunities with collaborative workflow
  • View summary and detailed reports displaying metrics, trends, and alerts
  • Manage workflow with e-mail integration, customizable alerts, measurable outcomes, and flexible reporting capabilities
  • Assign audits to multiple staff members across groups, units and departments
  • Automatically aggregate data from all levels of your organization with trend and report audit data
  • Automatically generate customizable Corrective Action Plans for each area of concern
  • Generate reports at various points in the audit process and trend concerns or improvements according to organization specifics
  • Define goals for areas of concern and improvement level
  • Choose from a variety of report formats, such as charts, graphs, Excel, Word, and PDF
  • Customize Pavisse Audits to fit your organizational structure
  • Analyze audit data using interactive charts and graphs