Pavisse Incident Management System

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Pavisse Incident Management System

The Pavisse™ incident management system was designed to automate reporting of safety and other incidents to pertinent regulatory bodies, including state agencies and Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs). It also automates readiness for Joint Commission audits and more. The robust, intuitive, browser-based software system eliminates the need for complex data transformations or double data-entry, and provides an audit mechanism for compliance monitoring. It aggregates data to create active, real-time dashboard views by incident type with embedded guidance tips, and enables users to customize workflow, data collection, analysis and reporting to meet specific needs.


Circumnavigation architecture enables users to move between screens within a specific issue, significantly reducing the resolution cycle. Data-mining, internal benchmarking and Pareto graphing make it easy to analyze incidents and identify areas for improvement. Pavisse incorporates AHRQ’s Common Formats v.1.2 and uses skip logic (“conditional branching”) to make sure users only need to answer pertinent questions.


An intelligent (and configurable) routing module (IRM) helps facilities meet mandated reporting requirements, and appropriately and automatically manage incident lifecycle, by notifying the right people of the right incidents at the right time, assigning them right follow-up and monitoring the process until the right remediation is complete (“the five rights of incident management”).


The workgroup-driven, content-rich system features a comprehensive array of report templates that can be customized, prescheduled or produced on demand. Litigation-hold capabilities preserve data integrity; a Reserves module helps track the cost of incidents and remediation—for instance, the cost of new guardrails to prevent patient falls. The CAP Toolkit, a comprehensive corrective action plan methodology tailored to each hospital’s cause-determination process, creates pathways to compliance and improvement.


Pavisse’s extensive online archive features US regulations and global best practice related to safety, privacy, and other pertinent issues. Eight complimentary consulting hours per quarter help customers optimize system use, or develop safety and compliance strategies, with additional expert consulting available at an affordable cost.


Highly affordable and available via subscription or enterprise model, Pavisse is ideal for HCOs of any shape or size, including acute and long-term care providers, psychiatric facilities, home-health agencies and more. Unlike electronic health record (EHR) implementation, deployment is quick, painless and non-taxing to already overtaxed hospital IT resources