Pavisse Claims Management Claims Management

Pavisse Claims Management is a robust feature that addresses your need to be proactive in tracking actual and/or potential claims that occur in healthcare.  Pavisse provides the platform to initiate claims anytime an incident occurs or when an organization recognizes the potential for a claim. Our application delivers the ability to place records on legal hold, provides a structured workflow and the needed tools to improve your processes, determine root causes and audit plans for effectiveness.

Pavisse also understands the need for each facility to manage claims specifically with regard to their facilities processes. We enable you to customize your claim fields to capture the data that is most relevant for your organization. We also provide you with the reports needed to leverage the power of your data to effect positive change and improvement.

Features and Benefits

  • Proactive capture of anticipated cost associated with claims
  • Legal Hold to make sure all requirements for protecting your organization is met
  • The ability to link claims to incidents and recommend cases for Peer Review
  • Customizable claim form to capture the data you need for your processes
  • Robust reporting enables leadership to visualize the current state of claims