Pavisse Complaint and Grievance Complaint and Grievance

Pavisse™ recognizes that today’s healthcare industry has  a responsibility to offer patients prompt resolution to any complaints or  grievances they may have regarding services provided. Pavisse drives  workflow that records complaints and/or grievances, and monitors the solutions  provided to the patient at the time of the event. Our automated structure  notifies the right people immediately, tracks what has been undertaken to  resolve the issue, and identifies your most common issues through reports  allowing you to develop plans to reduce or eliminate them.  Pavisse offers guidance once a  grievance is identified to governing bodies associated with specific types of  events that are required by law and supports your resolution of the event with the patient and/or family.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated  AAA program– Records the Acknowledgement, Action and Apology offered for the patient complaint
  • Automated workflow – Guides users through the process with the right tools needed to fix issues and improve outcomes
  • Automatic notifications – Pavisse leverages your existing e-mail system to quickly notify the correct people so action can be taken to reduce harm and increase patient satisfaction
  • Robust reporting – Prebuilt reports are ready when you are, providing leaders with the information necessary to meet goals
  • Automated corrective action plans – Provides the structure and the means to document issues, correct problems with the appropriate steps taken, and attach supporting documentation to measure your success