Pavisse Corrective Action Plans Corrective Action Plans

Pavisse™ Corrective Action Plans puts you back in the driver’s seat by dynamically managing plans of action required to correct problems that arise. Action plans can be generated from within any component of Pavisse including Incidents, Audits, and Assessments.

Our corrective action plans encourage collaborative communication between staff to determine the problem, design the necessary steps to eradicate it, and work together to accomplish the objective.  Our root cause analysis tools aid your planning teams by providing everything needed to meet the requirement for a credible plan.  Involved staff can access the plan, work through planning tools, customize specific questions and cause factors, enter notes, attach documentation, capture event  timelines, and automatically notify others that need to be involved.

Tackle more than simple avoidance planning: Pavisse Corrective Action Plans enable users to add progress notes and attach documentation. Specific levels of completion can be established and tracked, risks identified, priorities determined, and action plan information from multiple staff members stored in one central location.

Features and Benefits

  • Corrective action planning within Pavisse can be used to perform root cause analysis for determination of action steps to mitigate future events
  • Detailed information and supporting documentation can be uploaded or linked to each corrective action plan ensuring a collaborative workflow among team members
  • The ability to add progress notes and related documentation relevant to each plan is simple
  • Corrective action plans are generated from Pavisse Incidents and can also be generated within the CAP module independent of incident as well
  • Reports can be customized and are available in all major formats including Excel, PDF, Word, etc.
  • Robust reporting capabilities display high-level charts as well as detailed data correlating to status, progress, timelines, and audit trail records