Pavisse Employee / Non-Employee Employee / Non-Employee

More than ever before, healthcare systems are seeking performance and compliance improvements at all organizational levels. Recent statistics show that the healthcare industry lost more productivity from employee injuries and illnesses compared to the national average across all other industries.*

Not only are healthcare systems complex but they can also present challenges for non-employees such as visitors, guests, volunteers, teachers, and students. Unfortunately, unforeseen events or incidents can occur in your facilities and often require immediate action, documentation, follow-up, and corrective actions to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Fortunately, Pavisse™ Incident tracking extends beyond patient safety and supports both employee and non-employee populations effectively and

Features and Benefits

  • Role based system access – Allows all employees to report an incident, but assigns the appropriate staff to perform follow-up, corrective action, monitoring, and status reporting
  • Workman’s Compensation Support – Pavisse gathers Workman’s compensation information as well as specific information on the incident itself, including location, time, and demographics
  • Incident Tracking – Ensures all incidents are captured and that all tasks related to managing the incident or remediating the cause are maintained in a relational manner
  • Corrective Action Plans – Helps you to remediate incidents and to establish new or revised policies and procedures that effectively improve future compliance

*Bureau of Labor Statistics US Department of Labor, USDL-11-1502, Oct 20, 2011