HIPAA privacy and security compliance remains an operational and financial challenge for many institutions. Pavisse™ HIPAA functionality clears the obstacles and puts you on the road to HIPAA compliance.

The costs associated with HIPAA violations may be substantial. Pavisse allows for ease of incident entry, status tracking, planning actions to correct the problem, and audit capabilities to monitor the changes.

Our solution captures the specific requirements for HIPAA reporting and follow-up processes. Corrective action plans are generated based on parameters you decide. Pavisse encourages collaborative workflow, involving assigned staff to work on your corrective action plan(s).

The audits can be designed to monitor the success of the implemented changes. You can also set up audits to review any other processes that may have the potential of breaching future HIPAA Privacy or Security.

Pavisse provides comprehensive reporting of any incident that involves a HIPAA breach or complaint. Make Pavisse your choice for HIPAA incident management.

Features and Benefits

  • Pavisse delineates the size of the breach and determines which outside entities require reporting.
  • You will be guided using our solution through proper reporting and follow-up within your facility for any HIPAA incidents.
  • Pavisse provides assistance with federal guidelines for reporting to governing entities.
  • Specific processes for HIPAA breaches and reporting requirements are outlined in the Pavisse Library for your convenience.
  • Corrective action plans are automated for seamless problem resolutions.
  • Audit capabilities monitor corrections and preemptively review areas of concern.
  • At-a-glance dashboards allow you to quickly ascertain Incident, Severity and CAP status.