Patient SafetyPatient Safety

Costly patient safety violations occur at all organizations, now there is a better way to contend with these incidents. Pavisse™ Patient Safety’s distinctive workflow is designed to fit patient safety standards to guide you through improvements in your processes. Read more

CorrectiveCorrective Action Plans

Action Plans

Pavisse™ Corrective Action Plans puts you back in the driver’s seat by dynamically managing plans of action required to correct problems that arise. Action plans can be generated from within any component of Pavisse including Incidents, Audits, or independent of an event. Read more


Pavisse™ Audits provide a method for monitoring processes to identify opportunities for improvement and for recognizing best practices. Read more

Complaint andComplaint and Grievance Grievance

Pavisse™ recognizes that today’s healthcare industry has a responsibility to offer patients prompt resolution to any complaints or grievances they may have regarding services provided. Read more

Employee andEmployee / Non-Employee

More than ever before, healthcare systems are seeking performance and compliance improvements at all organizational levels. Recent statistics show that the healthcare industry lost more productivity from employee injuries and illnesses compared to the national average across all other industries.* Read more

Peer ReviewPeer Review

Pavisse™ Peer review allows facilities to manage the requirements around HCQIA and Peer Review Management. Read more

ClaimsClaims Management Management

Pavisse™ Claims Management is a robust feature that addresses your need to be proactive in tracking actual and/or potential claims that occur in healthcare.  Pavisse provides the platform to initiate claims anytime an incident occurs or when an organization recognizes the potential for a claim. Read more


Pavisse™ Reporting functionality provides the answers you need when you need them. With a multitude of on-demand report generators and customizable data views, Pavisse puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Read more


HIPAA privacy and security compliance remains an operational and financial challenge for many institutions. Pavisse™ HIPAA functionality helps clear the obstacles on the road toward HIPAA compliance. Read more

PayorPayor Assessment Assessment

Pavisse™ Assessment application helps health plans and providers to quickly and effectively manage key compliance and accreditation activities, data, and workflow. Read more