Pavisse Patient Safety Patient Safety

Costly patient safety violations occur at all organizations, now there is a better way to contend with these incidents. Pavisse™ Patient Safety’s distinctive workflow is designed to identify gaps in patient safety standards and guide you through improvements in your processes.

As part of our incident management solution, Pavisse Patient Safety goes beyond waiting for a violation to occur. When a patient safety issue happens, the incident is logged with related documents attached then tracked, resolved, and monitored from one central location.

A corrective action plan module with collaborative workflow enables staff to better work together while correcting the issue.  The module also offers root cause determination functionality.

Monitoring is accomplished with audit functionality. Pavisse Patient Safety takes the headache out of patient safety incident management.

 Features and Benefits

  • Incidents, Near Miss, or any Unsafe Conditions are easily recorded in the solution
  • Events grouped according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Common Formats as medication, falls, device or medical supply, blood and body fluid, pressure ulcer, healthcare-associated infections, perinatal and venous thromboembolism, surgery/anesthesia complications
  • Pavisse has developed its own unique event reporting forms which include Behavior and Treatment/Procedure/Tests
  • Captured incidents can be associated with federal, state, or accrediting  standards for other organizations
  • Easily organize and report on patient safety incidents
  • Helps the organization take steps to quickly correct violations when they occur and preemptively set up audits to monitor processes that could lead to patient safety violations