Pavisse Peer Review Peer Review

Managing the Peer Review process under the Health Care Quality and Improvement Act of 1986 (HCQIA) is a complex and complicated set of elements that facilities must adhere to for immunity from liability.  Many of these involve some of the same elements that are needed when managing issues around Incidents as well as Claims.   Pavisse allows facilities to manage the requirements around HCQIA and Peer Review Management.


Features and Benefits

  • Claims and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) mapping to open cases
  • Provide date and notice milestones, as well as legal hold notifications for documentation that is pertinent to the Peer Review investigation
  • With Pavisse, Peer Review may enter cases with or without a link to a reported incident
  • Peer Review functionality is segregated by role (need-to-know basis)
  • Specific Peer Review screens such as, screening criteria, committee questions and outcomes, audit trail, comments collection and document attachments
  • Peer Review screens can be tailored to clients’ specific needs
  • Peer Review cases can be recommended for Claims reserves as well
  • An audit trail can be utilized for each investigation, reporting what was needed, the outcome, final disposition and any subsequent sanctions needed