RGP Healthcare Leadership


Todd Neal Fletcher
Director of Project Management, RGP Healthcare Solutions

27+ years of Health Systems Engineering experience in healthcare operations. Proven track record implementing process improvement training for accreditation and system implementation teams.

Strategic responsibility for accreditation activities to include survey readiness, responses to survey findings, performance improvement design and coordination of data collection strategies. Coordinated NPSG and 100,000 Lives Campaign efforts to include clinical outcomes.  Installed several major systems to include event/incident reporting systems; accreditation readiness software.  Guided Quality Committee to the Governing Board and Hospital Quality Council.  Mined data systems to identify variations from clinical benchmarks as well as opportunities for resource savings.

Developed 12-step Revenue Cycle model; served on revenue integrity committee; provided automated cost benefit analyses for “make vs. buy” situations; developed invoice system to increase revenue for carve outs; performed transfer DRG analysis to maximize reimbursement.

Subject-matter expert in system analysis and design. Todd is well versed in Process Improvement tools and techniques, possessing superb analytical skills. Past speaker and panelist at local and national healthcare conferences.

Gary Lee

Gary Lee
Director of Engineering, RGP Healthcare Solutions

With over 19 years experience in information technology and software development including 10+ years in developing health-care software solutions. Gary’s primary areas of expertise include software design and agile development of quality, compliance and accreditation software development solutions.

Since joining RGP Healthcare Solutions, Gary has led the software development of a comprehensive compliance platform with initial focus on a patient safety, incident management solution.

Prior to joining Resources Healthcare Solutions, Gary Lee has led the software development for the ACS Compliance Solutions Group at Xerox Corporation.  Directing the development of compliance software programs for Joint Commission accreditation and forerunner in the implementation process at hospitals to include Mount Sinai, Rush Presbyterian and Westchester Medical Center.  In addition to his technical background, he holds a BS in Computer Science from Siena College.