ROI Calculator

This Pavisse™ ROI calculator is based on your organization’s Average Daily Census (ADC) and annual Corrective Action Plans (CAP).

Your ADC is used to convert the nationally known Adverse Events and Preventable Adverse Events[1] per bed to amounts projected for your organization.

Your annual Corrective Actions Plan estimate reduces the preventable adverse events to a “correctable” volume.   The actual, national costs per adverse event are multiplied by the number of correctable events to yield the projected savings you could attain by using Pavisse.

Enter estimates below and see how much Pavisse can save you

[1] This calculation based on studies published by the Institute of Medicine, Health Affairs, and cross referenced against statistics provided by the CDC and US Dept. of Healthcare Statistics. A 95% C.I. is achieved. Content used in calculations is copyrighted and published by Project HOPE|Health Affairs as Ashish K. Jha, David C. Chan, Abigail B. Ridgway, Calvin Franz, David W. Bates, et al. Improving Safety And Eliminating Redundant Tests: Cutting Costs In U.S. Hospitals : 2009;28:5 The published article is archived and available online at